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Mommy Loves You When: A book that every parent needs to communicate to their kids the words their little hearts desperately need to hear. It’s all about loving your kids on their good days and their bad days. This book will bring a deep connection to your kids through this book.

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She Can

She Can Laugh expands the conversation to spiritual, physical, and emotional fitness. It offers a unique perspective on personal health from a biblical standpoint, equipping you to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle while enjoying the life God's called you to live.

She Can Dress is a trendy upscale clothing rental site! It has unlimited styles for women so you can wear clothes that spark joy for all sizes and all seasons of your life! Yes, we
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I love my Happy Juice! These supplements are all about healing your gut with natural ingredients that decrease anxiety and increase your micro biome. It helps me with my serotonin levels, lowering cortisol levels & helping balance my body out. 

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Brand/Website Designer

I struggled for YEARS trying to figure out how to NAIL my branding. It wasn’t until I met Jan and she said, “Branding is just your personality in digital footprint.” and then she sent me over colors that represented who I was just an hour later! I was blown away how she was able to do that! She then guided me on creating the website I dreamed of but could not figure out how to create! If you need a brand flip or your website re-done, I want to introduce you to the best I know - Jan Touchberry 

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