What’s it require? 
(otherwise known as F-A-I-T-H)
It takes courage to dream 
It takes courage to create & put yourself out there.
It takes courage to build your business + mission. 
But it not now… when? 

If you’re waiting for perfect conditions to start posting on social media - you’ll never start. Too many of us wanting our lives to be more “interesting” or “cleaned up” before we start posting and the truth is, people CONNECT with someone that is real. I started creating content in my car on my lunch break and I grew on TikTok! It’s time to stop waiting for a perfect time, a better camera or a more polished website to start sharing online. Let me help you pluck up a bit of camera courage and take action on your dream goals!

Is perfectionism holding you back from growing your business and Kingdom influence online?

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My signature service, 1:1 coaching is for those who are ready to share their story.  We'll dive deep into your business and passion, and then map out your "signature talk" to get you booked on stage as a bold, confident speaker. I'll be here to support you and hold you accountable the whole way!

If you're heart is pumping reading this, it's probably a sign you should book a call! 

Have you dreamed about speaking on stage?

I need this

Do you have a desire to start taking action on your dreams + share your God-given gifts with the world but not sure where to start?

This is EXACTLY why I created The Social Media Mentorship: a place for women in business + ministry to dream, create + build together online!

Join a community of faith-filled women who are ready to take their social media to the next level + take action on their dreams!  

Your breakthrough may be in community!

Do it for me!

It sounds simple but when but when you're building a business, content marketing can feel like the last thing you want to do - which is where I come in!

We can take your social media off your plate allowing you the freedom to focus on your business! If you're interested in having a dedicated social media manager create, edit, post and give you weekly content ideas - book a call! 

I help YOU become
more visible online!


Social Media Mentorship

Speak on Stage

Executive Producer of B2B Growth

James C. 


Amanda S.


TikTok User

Amanda S. 

I had the privilege of attending one of Melissa’s TikTok speaking events, and it was a game-changer.... I embarked on a journey on January 1st – the creation of 365 TikTok videos for the year. The results were beyond my wildest dreams. By the fall, I was thrilled to witness several of my videos had gone viral, with numbers soaring to 3.5 million, 500k, 175k, and many more surpassing the 10k mark.

Thank you, Melissa, for being the driving force behind my creative journey this year!


I wanted to share a success I feel is partially indebted to your master class I attended recently! After intentionally implementing your steps, I had a second video hit 1mil views (and gained 15k followers, where my previous 1mil video only gained me 500!) 

TikTok User

Executive Producer of
B2B Growth

James C.

When we started our TikTok account we had less than a few hundred followers. In just under 2 months, Melissa grew our account to over 23,000 followers on TikTok. We also went from 5018 listeners to 8,288 listeners in that time as well. Melissa is quite possibly the kindest human on planet Earth… and the results she’s gotten for us on TikTok are BONNKERS." 

kind words from
confident clients

kind words

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