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Being able to communicate all the things you do with clarity is the most important part of your brand. Without a clear brand message, you come off as confusing instead of compelling. Get clarity by clicking below! 


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From living in a valley in a cemetery church planting to booked on The Kelly Clarkson Show, I want to help you get your messge out there.

My goal is to inspire 1 million Christians to impact others by standing out, speaking up and building radically authentic personal brands that glorify God.

Hi, I'm Melissa!

Executive Producer of B2B Growth

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Amanda S. 

I had the privilege of attending one of Melissa’s TikTok speaking events, and it was a game-changer.... I embarked on a journey on January 1st – the creation of 365 TikTok videos for the year. The results were beyond my wildest dreams. By the fall, I was thrilled to witness several of my videos had gone viral, with numbers soaring to 3.5 million, 500k, 175k, and many more surpassing the 10k mark.

Thank you, Melissa, for being the driving force behind my creative journey this year!


I wanted to share a success I feel is partially indebted to your master class I attended recently! After intentionally implementing your steps, I had a second video hit 1mil views (and gained 15k followers, where my previous 1mil video only gained me 500!) 

TikTok User

Executive Producer of
B2B Growth

James C.

When we started our TikTok account we had less than a few hundred followers. In just under 2 months, Melissa grew our account to over 23,000 followers on TikTok. We also went from 5018 listeners to 8,288 listeners in that time as well. Melissa is quite possibly the kindest human on planet Earth… and the results she’s gotten for us on TikTok are BONNKERS." 

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How to Build Wealth Around Your God-Given Gifts + Fund Your Mission

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Branding Yourself
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A podcast for Christian women entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their personal brand to further their
business and kingdom calling.

Melissa is a TikTok Influencer, Author, Speaker and mom who specializes in personal branding and your faith. Each week she will bring you practical tips on how to grow your personal brand to get your message out there to the world. She covers topics like faith, messaging, social media, business and motherhood!

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