Imagine 1 year from now, where would you like to be? 

It takes courage to dream 
It takes courage to create & put yourself out there.
It takes courage to build your business + mission. 
This year mentorship will help you build your personal kingdom brand online!

A community designed to
Dream . Create . Build . online .


You are working a job that isn't using your gifts or passions (even though you're not exactly sure what totally are yet?)

You found yourself watching other women on social media stepping fully into their
God-given purpose, making an income online and wondered how they got THERE. 

You you’ve had ideas about monetizing your interests but always kind of shove them to the side because it feels like a pipe dream + you know where to even start? 

You tried showing up on social media only to feel more cringy than confidently sharing + impacting others. 

You would love to find a way to create a stream of income for yourself around your God-given purpose. Or attract like-minded donors to grow your missionary efforts.

I got you...
because I TOTALLY get it!

Be super honest
for a second...
How much does this sound like you?

What i need!

Hi, I'm Melissa! I want you to know that I’ve BEEN WHERE YOU ARE! I remember when I was working 40 hours a week in a place that felt more like job jail than cultivating a purpose-drvien kingdom career! 

This is EXACTLY why I created the Social Media Mentorship: a place for women to influence the world by building their personal brand + create another stream of income with with God-given gifts! 

Meet your coach

An online Program with 3 results proven phases to the 


  • Learn the basics of building an online business
  • Get feedback on your offers to clarify your personal brand
  • Learn to hear God's voice to build + create



  • Grow your personal brand through marketing, sales + lead generation.
  • Grow your social media authority + influence online
  • Connect with guest experts in the industry to level up your network and mindset!


phase 3

  • Learn my camera confidence hacks.
  • Learn different video formats.
  • Accountability to maintain consistent posting.
  • Develop a content plan. 
  • Create a step-by-step success path.
  • Uncover scheduling roadblocks. 
  • Discover my best recording schedule secret

create content

create a plan


phase 2

phase 1

  • Identify your spiritual + practical gifts.
  • Who could you serve with your dream?
  • Analyze how you can utilize those to reach your goals.  


  • What are your dreams?
  • What are your dream goals this year? 
  • What’s your dream goal now? 
  • Address any limiting beliefs.

work backwards

i'm ready to try this!!!

Having someone review your social media content & give you direct feedback on your account is going to help you overcome roadblocks so you can grow! 

Social Audits

Being in community with other faith-driven women who want to build online. Activate your spiritual gifts, learn to hear God's voice + go to a whole new level of boldness + confidence in sharing your faith!


Weekly hour calls with Melissa that include goal setting, training, Q + A with guest experts in business and ministry and hot seat coaching 


what's included...

(July + December are breaks from coaching for rest + family)

Ever wanted to get on TikTok but not sure how to get started? I am going to be giving you this course as apart of this program! It has 10 modules that will walk you through how to get clarity on your messaging, set up your account, create video content and grow on the platform! You will love this course! 

Amplify Course

The number one metric that social media is using to push out your content is watch time. If you can get someone to watch your video longer, the algorithm will push it out. The most important part? THE HOOK! I've got a Viral Hook Cheat Sheet to help you open up your videos with attention grabbing phrases to create more engaging content that gets seen! 

Viral Hooks Cheat Sheet

plus these bonuses!!!

You want to create another stream of income through your God given gifts, talents + abilities! 

You are ready to play the long game and build your personal brand.

You're done giving into fear & procrastination and ready to show up online consistently. 

You’re committed to getting outside of your comfort zone so you can get the results you want in your life + business! 

You’re ready to start taking action on your ideas even if you don't have the full picture yet.

This is for you if...

You don't want to be surrounded by people who will be leaning on biblical principals and faith to support their efforts.  

You’re looking for video scripts and don't want to discover your unique voice.  

You’re looking for a quick fix to your problems and not willing to commit to your dreams by putting in the work.

This is          for you if...


($197 value)

($397 value)

($497 value)

total value = over $11,000!

1 Hour Content Clarity Call
Weekly Trainings with Melissa
Guest Expert Calls
Private Facebook Community
TikTok Amplify Course
Social Media Audits
Social Media Content System 

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The Social Media Mentorship 
2 payment options

Are you ready to grow your personal brand - with a price you won't see anywhere else??

monthly payment

one time payment

 10 month payment option!

Imagine if one year from now you were creating an income doing something you LOVE that didn’t cap your creativity or earning potential. Imagine using your god given gifts and reaching hundreds if not thousands of people every week.

Imagine feeling a sense of purpose in your life helping people with things you’re really good at. 

Did you know the biggest killer of our dreams is not being inadequate, it’s delay. 

You're called to plant something 
so special in this world!

Proverbs 31:16-17 
She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard…

what people are saying...

Words can not adequately express the gift of getting to know and work with Melissa Hughes. She is an anointed powerhouse woman in faith and business. She shares and serves with her whole heart and truly wants to see other women win! When you have the chance to take her course or work with her, do it. She is a world changer, ready to help you go next level.


Working with Melissa has literally blessed me so much! Every single zoom I hop on is AMAZING and it definitely has inspired me! I really feel like God has been pushing me to do 2 things 1. Make a presence on social media and 2. Revive “Only by God’s Grace” and I received a prophetic word (way before I even decided to come back on staff with CR to do full-time missionary work) that my clothing line would play a huge role in financially supporting the missionary work the Lord has called me to


Inspired by Melissa, I embarked on a journey on January 1st – the creation of 365 TikTok videos for the year. The results were beyond my wildest dreams. By the fall, I was thrilled to witness several of my videos had gone viral, with numbers soaring to 3.5 million, 500k, 175k, and many more surpassing the 10k mark.

But it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the journey and the connections made. Creating my videos allowed me to connect with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. These connections are a testament to the impact of Melissa’s insights and her ability to motivate and empower.

"Every single zoom I hop on is AMAZING and it definitely has inspired me!"

"The results were beyond my wildest dreams."

"She is a world changer, ready to help you go next level."

Michele Smith 

My favorite thing about working with her is how incredibly kind and encouraging she is. I feel like I have a mentor and a friend, someone in my corner, rooting for me and strategizing with me. If you're on the fence about working with her, do it! She made growing on Tiktok fun and easy to understand."

"I have a mentor and a friend, someone in my corner"

Timmy Bauer


No, this would be a one time payment that gives you access till the end of 2024! If you aren't able to pay the amount in full, you can choose our most affordable 10 month payment plan! 

Is this a Monthly Membership?


We take July and December off from the LIVE coaching calls as a time to catch up on any calls you missed, get refreshed and spend time with family! If God took a sabbath, then it's important we do too! Also, creativity GROWS when we get out of our normal routine. 

Did you say we take july + December off? why?


All the calls will be recorded & you will be able to access them at a later time if needed. 

What if I can't make the live coaching calls?


Absolutely not! All you need is a phone and you're good to go! (I started in my car so truly - anything will work!) 

Do we need expensive equipment to start? 


A lot of what I teach is around video content. Right now short form video is what all the algorithms are pushing. Learning how to create short videos will help on any social media platform! 

What platforms is this geared toward? 


Yes! Starting to create content around your passions or an idea is a GREAT WAY to not only test the market (if you more thinking of starting a business) but also
to impact people online with the gospel & gifts God has given you! 

If I don’t have a business,
Is this still for me?

frequently asked questions

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Monthly Trainings with Melissa
Guest Expert Calls
Private Facebook Community
Social Media Content System
TikTok Amplify Course
Social Media Audits 

($6000 value)

($3800 value)

($197 value)

($397 value)

($497 value)

total value = over $10,500!

($67 value)

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