I help women launch their voice online + in the world.

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How to Work With Me

One thing I wish I would have had when I was first starting out was someone to help me with my content, know what to say, overcome the mental gymnastics we go through in our heads and HOW to show up on camera.

If this is you, I offer a variety of ways to work together from private coaching to group coaching to account management.

Click below and schedule a free 30 minute session so I can hear how I can support you!


The words in this book are actually from a viral TikTok when I was first starting out that I did in my car on my lunch break at work.

About Me

Melissa Hughes is a TikTok influencer, international speaker and best selling author.

She has been booked twice on The Kelly Clarkson Show and featured for the New York Times Best Seller “Primal Scream” on NBC. She has over 228,000 followers on TikTok with over 9 million likes. She is also a best selling author of a book She Can Laugh along with a children’s book called, “Mommy Loves You When”. She is also a contributing author in "Driven to Courage".

She has her bachelors degree in Exercise Science. As well as a Holistic Health Coaching certification after studying 100 different dietary theories. She also did missionary work in Wales, UK for several years but now resides in Grand Rapids Michigan with her husband and two children.



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